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Panasonic Digital IP PBX Phone Systems - up to 640 Lines and 1,000 extensions

A system that grows with you!

Got big plans for your business? Do you need a phone system that is reliable, cost effective and expandable? 

Our phone systems have built-in expansion capability to protect your investment.  They give you the flexibility to start small and add on as you need it.

One of the huge advantages Panasonic provides is being able to use the same telephone sets on any size system.  You can use the same phone on a small branch office phone system or relocate it to the headquarters 120 extension PBX. You can even keep the same extension number, voice mail and feature set.


Phone System TDA6001 Phone System TDA600 Phone System TD6003

Phone System Benefits

There is no monthly fee associated with using our phone systems. The only recurring costs are the line charges from Optimum Voice or other phone company. Once you buy this system it is yours to use free of charge. This can really make a difference over time.

This phone system is reliable, affordable and very easy-to-use. It supports high quality voice communications, voice mail and has outstanding wireless capabilities. It allows you to stay connected to remote and mobile workers. They also allow you to save money on monthly communication charges with SIP Trunking.

Built-in software applications allow you to do things right from your computer screen.  When calls ring into the system a small window displays with the callers name and number.  You can easily see who it is and take the call by phone or PC command.  You can manage voice messages or highlight a number and dial right from your PC screen.  Need a record of calls made and received?  It's available as well.

Key Features (some features listed are optional)

• Multi-Cell Wireless
• VOIP Networking (Connect offices via VoIP)
• PC-Based Programming (self administration)
• Digital Extra Device Port DXDP
• Highlight and dial any number on PC
• Toll Restriction
• Caller ID Name & Number
• Voice Mail Integration
• Uniform Call Distribution
• Hot Desking
• SIP Trunks


A variety of IP, digital and wireless phone sets are available for use on the system. 


Wired Phones  


• 24 Programmable CO buttons
• Digital Duplex Speakerphone
• Blue tooth compatible with KX-NT307 Adaptor
• Digital Extra Device Port
• Alphanumeric Directory Search

Phone systems DT346B



• 24 Programmable CO buttons
• Digital Duplex Speakerphone
• Blue tooth compatible with KX-NT307 Adaptor
• Digital Extra Device Port
• Alphanumeric Directory Search

Phone systems DT343B


• 8 Programmable CO buttons
• Speakerphone
• Alphanumeric Directory Search

 Phone systems DT321B

Attendant Consoles
 KX-DT390 & KX-DT390-B

• Direct Station Selector (DSS) and Busy Lamp Field (BLF)
• 32 DSS/BLF buttons
• 16 PF buttons

Phone systems DT390



• Adds 12 CO/feature keys
• Add one per phone
• Easy to install and use

Phone systems 7603

 Wireless Telephones  


• 2.4 GHz Digital Multi-Line Wireless Telephone
• 12 flexible keys
• 6 Line Multi function Blue Backlit LCD

phones 7896B 
 Multi-Cell Wireless  
 DECT Multi Cell Wireless Handset

• Speaker phone with Auto Answer
• Ring, Melodies and Vibration mode
• Large Back lit LCD
• Navi-key operation
• PBX functionality support
• Headset jack


phone 7685

 Ruggedized DECT Wireless Phone

• Blue, 6 line back lit LCD display
• Dust and splash (water) resistant (IP54)
• Illuminated keypad
• Multiple language display
• Speakerphone
• Programmable soft keys
• PBX functionality support


phone 7896

2-Channel DECT Cell Station (DCS)

2-port cell station for use with multi-cell wireless feature
• Supports the KX-TD7685, KX-TD7695 and KX-TD7696 DECT telephones


phone 0155


KX-T30865-B (Also available in white KX-T30865-W)

• Provides two-way communication to system telephones

Phone 30865 2 


• Provides two-way communication to system telephones
• Illuminated Button
• Interchangeable Metal Faceplate's

Phone 7775S

Our phone systems grow with your business.  You can use our Panasonic system phones on a 3-line or 30 line system.  You will never outgrow your investment. 

We offer trade-in allowances on many of our new phone systems.  Even if you have an older AT&T Merlin phone system we can help. Give us a call today.  Call Now: 800-361-5839