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Are you starting a business and in need of phone service in NJ? We have hundreds of clients throughout New Jersey and can recommend the most cost effective and reliable phone lines and long distance solutions.

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New Jersey Local and Long Distance Phone Service

There are several things that New Jersey businesses need to take into account when searching for phone service. For example, your calling pattern will greatly affect which phone plan will work most effectively for you.  Today there are many different types of phone service in NJ.

Local Phone Service and Long Distance Phone Service

Local phone service may mean different things depending on your phone service provider and the area your bussiness is in. Your town will always be considered part of your local calling area, but may vary depending on your phone service provider. 
Long distance phone service is considered calls outside your local phone service area.  The rate is usually highed for in-state long distance calls than the out-of-state calls.  Other factors can play a role in long distance rates such as if you have a T1 or other special circuit.

The Best Phone Service NJ 

We have many different phone service options for your business. Call us today to find out how you can save money on your phone bill each month. We handle all the paperwork and can coordinate the switch so you have no down time! Call Now - 800-361-5839 or click Phone Service NJ.